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Carmen Stroe is now available exclusively at
Each piece has been has been signed by the ARTIST in order to authenticate itself and comes packed/rolled and protected with clear cello sleeve to ensure cleanliness during shipping in a tube.

Also you can check out my annual presence at the contemporary art fair from Paris - Art3F where I've found a unique opportunity to showcase my work and get in touch with other international artists.

The prestigious Romanian presence at art3f - four Romanian artists, including Carmen Stroe, exhibited the works at the largest event this year. The works await for you to admire and buy.

Carmen Stroe Arte


As director of Crisolart Galleries and Artmosphere magazine, I am pleased to introduce, with all my love and admiration, the work of Carmen Stroe.I would like to refer in particular to each of her artistic works, created with an expressive arsenal and with the desire to explore and interpret what her extraordinary vision of art perceives. Carmen’s outstanding palette denotes a penetrating knowledge of chromatic colors and a bold and sensual elegance, creating a symphony of colors, feelings and emotions which impresses beyond the first glance…
The new series of African children display Carmen´s sensitive side. These children, sometimes forgotten by today’s society, are the protagonists of their creative world.

Will Yaya Art Director Crisolart Galleries